The White Knights prison gang was founded in 1991 by a group of white supremacist offenders in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The racist gang is small but poses threat to the security in TDCJ. The White Knights were caught up in a bloody war with the Aryan Circle in the mid 1990’s that cost the lives of one of the WK’s members.

Symbols: WK, Nazi symbols, White Pride, Sworn to Protect, Never to Neglect, double lightning bolts
Ranking structure: Paramilitary
Territory: Texas
Alliances: none
Members: 300
Racial make up: White
Threat: Low


The racist gang’s pecking order comprises of five high ranking elders known as “the Wheel”. The “Wheel” order the gangs members and prospects to carry out assaults and engage in other criminal activity.


In 1991, central Texas offenders form the White Knights in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. (Gang Intelligence 101)
On October 6, 1997, Aryan Circle members murder Ryan Osgood, a member of the White Knights prison gang in the Terrell unit. Osgood is brutally beaten and stabbed 7 times. (Campbell v. State, 18 S.W.3d 914 (Tex.App.-Beaumont, 2000)
In October 25, 2006, heavily armed White Knights members rob a Bedford, Texas convenience store. (Dean v. State, No. 2-07-287-CR (Tex. App. 11/6/2008)

On March 26, 2008, Florida Sheriff's officials arrest White Knights member Benny Lee Jack, 48 and his wife Rhonda and charge the couple with interstate marijuana trafficking. The Jack’s used their White Knight Texas connection to obtain high amounts of the drug. (WCTV.TV News Report)




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