The Texas Mafia was formed by a small group of white inmates in the Texas Department of Corrections Ferguson Unit in 1985. The TM avoids any kind of Neo Nazi ideology and instead focuses on making illegal money in and out of prison. In 1991, the Texas Mafia experienced a power struggle after some of the gang’s leaders began pocketing most of the organizations funds. A majority of the organizations members left the organization causing the Texas Mafia to halt its recruitment process. Texas Mafia members in general population took advantage of this void and began recruiting new members again.


Symbols: TM, the letter T connected with the letter M, 20/13
Ranking structure: Business
Territory: east and central Texas
Alliances: None
Members: 700
Racial make up: White
Threat: Moderate


The Texas Mafia are very selective of who they recruit and require that its members refrain from violence by all costs. The gangs motto is “if it isn't money, it isn't Texas Mafia”, and the gang views war as an unnecessary obstacle in making profit. The gang’s easy going tactics has helped the organization win over corrupt guards who often conduct business with the Texas Mafia by smuggling in cell phones, tobacco and drugs.
The gang is relatively small but has gained a lucrative percentage of the penitentiaries illegal drug, tobacco and gambling trade.


In 1985 the highly organized gang adopted the big business structure of the Jewish Kosher Nostra. The gang is run by a President, Vice President and dozens of under ranks known as “rackets”. The rackets are required to prove their worth by generating funds for the organization.


In 1985, a group of white inmates form the Texas Mafia in the Texas Department of Corrections. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1991, the Texas Mafia experienced a power struggle after some of the gang’s leaders began pocketing most of the organizations funds.

On July 23, 1997, Texas Mafia members Anibal Canales and Melvin Walker strangle and murder an inmate at the Telford state prison in Texarkana, Texas. The victim was killed after the gang believed he was snitching. (Canales v. State, 98 S.W.3d 690 ( Tex. Crim. App., 2003)




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