Tango Blast Prison Gang


Robbery, Murder and Mayhem
Source: Associated Press


Robbing and extorting inside Texas prisons has always been business as usual for the Tango Blast prison gang. Schooled in the penitentiary to ‘jack fools’, heavily tattooed Tango Blast gang members are now taking their skill of strong arm robbery out into the streets and killing people in the process.

‘Tango Blasters’ Sesilio Lopez, 28, and Brian Suniga, 32, thought that they were in for an easy score when they stormed inside of a One Guy Pizza in Lubbock, Texas armed with pistols. They ordered pizza employee David Rowser, 26 to empty the cash register with guns in his face and demanded that he give them every last dollar. When Rowser refused one of the gang members shot Rowser, killing him instantly.

Another example of bloody robberies conducted by the Tango Blast gang is that of April 8, 2008 when crack addicted Tango Blast members Javier Cortez Jr., 31 and Florencio Leal, 30, approached 29 year old Andres Gonzalez, then shot the victim in the face without saying a word. After robbing Gonzalez, Cortes stood over him and shot the victim in the head and face 9 more times.

The Tango Blast is the states largest prison gang and can very likely become societies worst nightmare.