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The PRM (Partido Revolucionario Mexicano) aka Mexicles, was founded by Mexican native Jose “El Maestro” Marquez in 1987 at the Cofield state prison in Tennessee Colony, Texas. Marquez’s objective of forming the organization was to unite all incarcerated Mexican nationals in Texas prisons.

The “paisas”, as they are also known, were the most vulnerable against the Texas Syndicate and predatory black gangs. These violent gangs often robbed the “paisas” of their commissary so thousands of incarcerated Mexicans joined the PRM. Prospective PRM members were required to prove their valor by attacking black inmates.



Ranking structure: Paramilitary

Gang symbols: Mexican flag, Mexican eagle, rattle snake, and cactus. Tequila and Mezcal bottles, Borrachos, PRM, Puro Raza Mexicana, Estados

Unidos Mexicanos, Los Barrachos de Villa, Mexicles.

Members: 14,000

Security Threat: Moderate





Typical of all prison gangs, the PRM transformed from prey to predator in no time. The gang began recruiting Texas born Hispanics and mirroring the radical tendencies of criminal organizations such as the Texas Syndicate and Mexikanemi. The gang became profit oriented and began extorting weaker Mexican inmates causing the PRM to lose the support of many Mexican nationals.



In 2001 a power struggle erupted between PRM founder Jose “El Maestro” Marquez and the gangs 5 generals. Marquez demanded that the gang ban its members from committing extortion and believed it contradicted the organizations original principles. The gangs generals ignored Marquez’s demand then stripped him from his rank as president and ordered a hit on him. The attack was carried out at the J.B. Connally unit soon after, leaving Marquez in critical condition.



PRM’s long alliance with and Barrio Azteca was broken in 1998 when the Azteca’s declared war on the Tijuana, Mexico based “Border Brothers” prison gang. Both the Border Brothers and PRM had a tight alliance in federal prisons across the U.S. and the Azteca’s were often confusing PRM members as their Border Brother targets. A full scale war between the PRM and Azteca’s broke out in 1999 when the Azteca’s murdered a PRM at the Terrell maximum security prison in Livingston, Texas. The war between both gangs spread across the state and spilled into Mexico resulting in the deaths of over 30 gang members.





The PRM (Partido Revolucionario Mexicano) operates under a paramilitary structure of president, vice president, generals, lieutenants, sergeants and soldiers.






In 1997, Jose “El Maestro” Marquez forms the PRM (Partido Revolucionario Mexicano).


In 1994, the PRM forms an alliance with the Barrio Azteca and declare war on the Texas Syndicate.


In 1997, the PRM and Texas Syndicate reach a peace agreement.


In 1998, the Barrio Azteca and Border Brothers go to war in federal prisons. This causes a strain in the relationship of the Azteca’s and PRM. (Gang Intelligence 101)


In January of 1999, dozens of PRM and Barrio Azteca members battle in the recreation yard of the Lynaugh state prison in Fort Stockton, Texas. (Gang Intelligence 101)


In March of 1999, the Barrio Azteca murders a PRM member at the Terrell unit in Livingston, Texas. (Gang Intelligence 101)


In April of 1999, the PRM declare war on the Barrio Azteca after the Azteca’s attack the PRM in units statewide. (Gang Intelligence 101)


On December of 2004, six members of the PRM are brutally murdered by the Azteca’s in the Ciudad Juarez Cereso prison. (El Paso Times)


On March of 2005, the Azteca’s murder and additional 6 PRM members in the Cereso prison. (Associated Press)




On October 02, 2008, Thousands of prison gang members are round up by federal authorities and deported back to Mexico. Gangs included the PRM, Barrio Azteca and Mexikanemi. (Associated Press)




On April 2008, five PRM members kidnap and murder 36-year-old Jose Guadalupe Garcia from his home in Alton, Texas. (The Monitor)

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