“No King shall stand idle when another King is in need of assistance.” – Latin Kings #1 rule.

In prison you’ve got all kinds of people. People beating up people for their commissary, people beating up people for their tennis shoes. You’ve got people sodomizing people, you know, just rambunctious” Julius Lockett – Texas prisoner

“Prison’s not a nice place to be. Those people are not in there for singing in the choir.”
Larry Todd – Public Information Officer of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

“One thing is to escape from prison, but what the Texas 7 did that night crossed the line they should have never crossed.” Deputy David Travis – U.S. Marshal Service
(Regarding the murder of Officer Audrey Hawkins)

“I have been sexually and physically assaulted several times by several inmates. I’m afraid to go to sleep, shower and just about everything else. I’m afraid that when I’m doing these things that I may die at any minute. Please Sir, help me.” 17 year old Rodney Hullin – A state grievance Hullin wrote to TDCJ officials soon before his death by suicide in 1995.

“To all of my family that I ever knew, I can’t live my life being mistreated, lied to and stolen from. And most of all being hurt. And most of all being behind bars. I’m very sorry to end my life this way, but if I don’t do it someone else will. I’m saying I’d rather die of my own free will than be killed. That’s why I must do this”. Rodney Hullin – Suicide note

“Prison is no place for any body to start off at. This is where everybody ends up and they end up being a loser in life. This is where the ball game begins and only the tough survive.” – California prison offender

“In prison, ones worst enemies will always be the brothers of ones own race.” John Greschner – former Aryan Brotherhood member.

“The Barrio Azteca claims the entire southwest region and rules the area with an iron fist. They are like hyenas that rob predators of their prey, and if given the opportunity, devour the predator as well. Azteca members are impulsive and not very bright. That’s what makes them so dangerous.” Ex Barrio Azteca member

“I could still hear the gurgling as life was looking me in the eye and killing someone who was my friend just hours ago.” Casper Crowell – former Aryan Brotherhood member describes himself murdering fellow white inmates.

 “As for all Aryan Brotherhood defectors, you are on a hit list and you’re going to die one day. You might have divorced the Brand but the Brand hasn’t divorced you.”
Casper Crowell – former Aryan Brotherhood member

“We’ve got the same blood on our hands and intimacy comes in many forms. Few things are not as intimate as murder.” Michael Thompson – Ex Aryan Brotherhood leader.

“When I would go into the cell where the body was found, there would be blood, not just a smear of blood, but blood all over the walls and all over the toilet.”-Vernell Crittenton, former San Quentin correctional officer describing a grisly prison gang murder scene.

“That guard standing over there with the 9mm, that’s my mom and dad, that’s my baby sitter.” – California prison offender

“They are going to continue to kill, even from their isolated cells. There’s no safe place.
Richard Valdemar – L.A. Co. Sheriff’s Gang Unit

“For all you youngsters out there, that out there riding, hanging tough, playing the gang bang roll, what ever you may doing out there man, don’t end up like me man. Don’t end up in prison man. Because this is where it all ends. And you don’t have any guarantees of getting out of this place. You don’t have any guarantees that nobody’s going to rape you or deprive you.” – California prison offender

“The Mexican Mafia rivals many traditional groups such as La Cosa Nostra (Sicilian Mafia). Even though we do not replicate their financial success, we far exceed their influence”. Rene “Boxer” Enriquez – former lieutenant of the Mexican Mafia

“This wasn’t the pie in the sky, silk suit limousine having Mexican Mafia that I thought is was. This is really an organization of individuals with every personality disorder.” Rene “Boxer” Enriquez – former lieutenant of the Mexican Mafia

“The Mexikanemi is nothing more than a pig that is spray painted the color gold”. Chuy Herrera – former Mexikanemi member.

“Prison robs me of my dignity, my pride; it robs me of my privacy and of my freedom. Prison robs me of anything a man can enjoy in life.” – California prison offender

“Joining the Crips is for life. You can run clean across this world but you can’t take your family with you. If they can’t get you physically they’ll hit you emotionally. They’re going to do something to your family and the words going to get back to you. And they got you.” – Crip member


Prison Gang Organization Structure

Prison gangs encompass Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, and foot soldiers

Prison Gang Path To Failure

A common trait of today’s new gang members consist of lack of organization