Habitual Rapist Murdered in Prison

Michael Deloach Elasko Thomas


An offender serving an aggravated life sentence for kidnapping and rape is now dead after being stabbed to death by his cellmate inside a west Texas prison.

TDCJ inmate Michael Deloach now faces capital murder charges for killing his 38-year-old cellmate Elasko Mark Thomas inside the French Robertson Unit near Abilene, Texas.
Thomas, a habitual rapist was in prison for the June 2010 aggravated kidnapping and rape of a 30 year old woman. He also had a previous conviction for a rape that he commited in 2004.

A TDCJ officer patrolling a cell block at the maximum security state prison found Elasko Thomas leaning on the door of his cell holding his neck with blood pouring out. Thomas and his assigned cellmate Michael Deloach were both locked inside of a 2-man cell which indicates that Deloach acted alone in using a metal shank or sharp object to stab Thomas repeatedly in the neck, chest, and face. Thomas was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition but died on arrival.

Deloach, a suspected Tango Blast gang member was already serving a 40-year sentence for a murder he commited in Houston, Texas. The Tango Blast is one of the states fastest growing prison gangs and is known for assaulting and extorting weaker prison inmates.

Deloach has refused to speak to investigators about the Thomas case and the motive for the brutal murder remains unclear. Gang members often target other offenders incarcerated for rape or crimes against children.

Source: (Associated Press)



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