The Mara Salvatrucha 13 was founded in 1980 by El Salvadorian immigrant criminals in the gang-infested Ramparts area of Los Angeles, California. The street gang was created for the protection of El Salvadorian hoodlums who were often targeted by black and Mexican street gangs. The MS-13 attracted thousands of Hondourioan, and Guatemalan youths causing the extremely violent gang to branch out into unorganized sects throughout the United States; similar to that of the Crips and Bloods.

Symbols: MS-13, colors blue and white, the El Salvadorian flag,
Ranking structure: Paramilitary
Territory: U.S. nationwide, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico
Alliances: None
Members: 26,000
Racial make up: Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, and Nicaraguans.
Threat: High


As thousands of MS-13 members found their way in prison, they chose to adopt the hierarchy structure of established prison gangs. In the early 1990’s the ruthless gang began conducting home invasions and car jacking committed by many of its members heroin and crack cocaine addicts. The U.S. government responded by deporting thousands of MS-13 gang members back to Central America causing the gang to take root in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

In 1980, The Mara Salvatrucha 13 was founded by El Salvadorian immigrant criminals in the gang-infested Ramparts area of Los Angeles, California.  (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1997, MS-13 members kidnap and brutally murder Honduras President Ricardo Maduro. (Associated Press)

In October 25, 1997, MS-13 members brutally stab and murder fellow member Walter "Camello" Gomez at a New Jersey Park. (State v. Torres, 874 A.2d 1084, 183 N.J. 554 (NJ, 2005)

In 2001, MS-13 member Walter Chirino is arrested by the FBI for attempting to transport narcotics and illegal firearms to New York. (U.S. v. Chirino, 483 F.3d 141 (2nd Cir., 2007)

In 2002, several heavily armed MS-13 members execute 28 people including 7 children in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (Associated Press)

In 2003, MS-13 members stab and kill Cesar Rios Garcia at a party in Arlington, Virginia. (Corado v. Commonwealth, Record No. 1982-04-4 (VA 12/28/2005)


In 2004, MS-13 members mail body parts to Guatemalan President Oscar Berger and threaten to kill his family. (Associated Press)

May 24, 2004, MS-13 members brutally murder 18th Street rival 38 year old Ashley Antonio Urias in Silver Spring, Maryland (Ayala v. State, 923 A.2d 952, 174 Md. App. 647 (Md. App., 2007)

In Nov 2, 2004, several heavily armed MS-13 gang members raid a Houston, Texas stash house and murder Juan Antonio Bautista, 29, and Jose Antonio Pino, 33. The motive of the murder was robbery. (Associated Press)

In December 2004, the FBI launch a multi-agency MS-13 National Gang Task Force after society is fed up with gang terror. (FBI Headline Archives)

In April 1, 2005, Mara Salvatrucha leader, Ebner Anivel Rivera-Paz, declares war on all American "Minutemen". (Associated Press)

In April 2005, MS-13 members rob over $50,000 dollars in cash and prescription drugs from several Walgreen’s drug stores of its Madison, Wisconsin. (Associated Press)

In August, 2005, MS-13 members murder Virginia native, Brenda Paz who is pregnant after the gang believes the woman is a police informant. (Associated Press)

On June 17, 2006, Mara Salvatrucha members shot and kill two rival gang "Brown Pride" members in Nashville, Tennessee. (Associated Press)

On December 24, 2006 three MS-13 members murder 15 year-old Pashad Gray in Flushing, New York. (Associated Press)

In February 2009, Twenty MS-13 members are indicted in Denver, Colorado on drug and firearm charge. (CNN)

In 2008, four MS-13 members are arrested after they rape and attempt to extort the owner of a Houston, Texas beauty salon. (Associated Press)

On July 2007, in Hyattsville, Maryland, MS-13 leaders order gang prospect Mario Rodriguez-Gutierrez to shoot and kill Francisco Quintanilla as an initiation into the gang. Gutierrez is arrested and sentenced to life in prison. (Washington Post)


In August, 2007, MS-13 members murder three Newark collage students execution-style. (New York Times)


On March 31, 2008 thirteen MS-13 members are sentenced to prison in Nashville, Tennessee after pleading guilty to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. (Associated Press)


In November 1, 2008, 20 year old MS-13 member is arrested for the murder of 14-year old Tai Lam in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. (Associated Press)


In November 2, 2008, MS-13 members shoot and kill a 51 year old Jorge Alberto Vindel Ramos in Lexington County, South Carolina. (Associated Press)




BARRIO AZTECA - The Azteca use codes so deciphering gang messages is difficult for gang intelligence.

BORDER BROTHERS - The gang made bitter enemies with the Mara Salvatrucha &other prison gangs..

HPL - HERMANDAD DE PISTOLEROS LATINOS - Translates to "Brotherhood of the Latin Gunman"

INDIAN POSSE - The Indian Posse are involved in cocaine and marijuana dealing, boot legging & murder.

LATIN KINGS - The Latin Kings originated in the streets in Chicago in the 1943...........................................

LOS SOLIDOS - Los Solidos gang was founded in 1990 by ruthless Puerto Rican street thugs .....................

MEXICAN MAFIA - The Mexican Mafia is commonly confused with the Texas based Mexikanemi............

MEXIKANEMI - Texas Mexican Mafia - There is an estimated 17,000 Mexikanemi members....................

MEXICLES - Typical of all prison gangs, the PRM transformed from prey to predator in no time.................

MANITOBA WARRIORS - The Manitoba Warriors met its first rival, the Indian Posse prison gang...........

NATIVE SYNDICATE - The NS made immediate enemies with other violent Native American cliques.........

TEXAS SYNDICATE - The Texas Syndicate is one of Texas’s most established prison gangs.......................

NEW MEXICO SYNDICATE - The prison gang spread into the New Mexico prison system in 1980............

NETAS - The gang was responsible for causing over 50 deaths in several Puerto Rico prison riots...............

NORTHERN STRUCTURE - NS consists of united gang members from northern California gangs............

NUESTRA FAMILIA - The bones of La Nuestra Familia (NF) originated in September 1967.......................

PRM - PARTIDO REVOLUCIONARIO MEXICANO - The gang began recruiting Texas inmates............

RAZA UNIDA - The Raza Unida (RU) is an organized prison gang that originated in 1988.............................

TANGO BLAST - This Texas based prison gang emerged in the Texas prison system in 1990......................

TEXAS CHICANO BROTHERHOOD - Texas prison gangs refused to allow the TCB to recruit.................

TRI CITY BOMBERS - Paroled members of the TCB adopted the highly organized structure.....................

WEST TEXAS TANGO - The WT is currently involved in extortion and drug dealing in prison....................



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