Prison Gang Responsible for Deadly Mississippi Riot

Adams County Correctional Facility


JACKSON, MISS - Hundreds of armed prison offenders used makeshift weapons such as shanks, broom sticks and other dangerous objects in a riot that left one Correctional Officer dead at the Adams County Correctional Facility located in Natchez, Mississippi.

The riot stemmed from a fight between rival factions of a prison gang and eventually spread into a full scale riot that involved other offenders. Offenders brutally beat 24 year old correctional officer Catlin Carithers to death on the roof of the facility and injured 16 other prison employees. It is reported that Carithers died of massive head injuries. Officer Carithers, who was engaged and about to get married was in the prison special response team and was called while off-duty to assist in controlling the riot.

The Adams County Correctional Facility is a 2,500 man unit that houses illegal criminal immigrants serving time for committing crimes and habitually reentering the United States illegally. (See Photos)


Prison Gang Organization Structure

Prison gangs encompass Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, and foot soldiers.

Prison Gang Path To Failure

A common trait of today’s new gang members consist of lack of organization.