Five prison gang members belonging to the violent Mexikanemi, aka Mexican Mafia of Texas were arrested for the brutal murder of a rival prison gang member at a Seguin, Texas bar.

Police report that on May 5th 2011, several members of the Mexican Mafia were at the Double G’s Bar when they recognized a rival Tango Blast member. After confronting the victim, Mexican Mafia members began stabbing him to death.

"Unbelievable" said one active TDCJ Correctional Officer who asked to remain anonymous. "Something you'd expect to see in the movie 'American Me' or inside prison. Not at a local bar!" he said about the stabbing..

The Mexikanemi, commonly known as the Mexican Mafia has been locked in a sporadic and decade long war with the Tango Blast prison gang. Traditional prison gangs such as the Mexican Mafia appear to be losing their grip inside of prison due to growing gangs such as Tango Blast.

The Mexican Mafia of Texas, sometimes confused with the California born Mexican Mafia was founded inside Texas prison in 1984. The gang operates under a paramilitary structure and has thousands of members in prison and cities across the U.S. and Mexico.

The Tango Blast number well over 17,000 in and out of prisons across the state of Texas and emerged in the Texas prison system in 1990 as established prison gangs

Source: Seguin Gazette, KGNB, Gang Intelligence 101



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