The European Kindred prison gang was founded by white supremacists David Patrick Kennedy and Brian Wrisley in 1998 at the Snake River state prison in Oregon. The highly organized gang was formed to protect racist white inmates from aggressive minority gangs. The EK grew rapidly and eventually began conspiring to dominate the methamphetamines drug trade controlled by black and Hispanic gangs in Oregon. Even though the EK claims to follow the Odinism Pagan faith, money, violence and drugs obviously drive its acts. Several members of the European Kindred were recently arrested on charges of capital murder, drug dealing and weapons charges.

Symbols: EK, PURE EK, Shield on a black and red background, Nazi symbols, 511, Norse gods
Ranking structure: Paramilitary
Territory: Oregon
Alliances: Aryan Brotherhood, Volksfront
Members: 1,000
Racial make up: White
Threat: Moderate


The EK are known for targeting black and Hispanic drug dealers. Unlike most prison gangs that tax independent drug dealers, the EK simply rob them, preferably by home invasions. The gang is governed by a base called the “Table of Four”. The “Table of Four” authorizes new recruits, gang hits and drug operations. EK leaders require that new members read the radical gangs preferred books written by Patrick Buchanan and Sun Tzu.



On April 20, 1998, white supremacist David Patrick Kennedy forms the European Kindred in an Oregon state prison.

In 2002, EK member Joshua Robert Brown murders Anthony Cleo Wilson, an African-American drug dealer and felon.

In 2003, EK member Carl Alsup is arrested for the brutal murder of Jessica Williams, a disabled black woman. (Associated Press)

In 2008, David Patrick Kennedy is arrested by FBI and ATF officials on weapon violation charges.




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