Source: Associated Press / El Paso Times

September 4, 2009


Mexico’s twisted drug related killings have officially spilled into America.
The Sheriff's Office in El Paso confirmed that it was Sergio Rene Saucedo, 30, who was found brutally murdered in Juarez after gunmen kidnapped him at his home in Horizon City, Texas near El Paso.

According to witnesses, including several students in a school bus just yards away, armed men kicked down the door of the Saucedo residence and shot Sergio Rene Saucedo in front of his wife on September 3, 2009. The killers then dragged Saucedo out of the house and forced the wounded man into a get away car where they drove him across the border into Mexico. "Obviously this crisis is here and the violence has hit El Paso," said County Sheriff's spokesman Jesse Tovar.

According to information from the El Paso Sheriff's Office, at approximately 10:55 Tuesday night, the mutilated body of Saucedo was found dumped on a street in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The victim’s hands were severed and placed on his chest, with wrists still wrapped in gray tape. Saucedo’s legs were also tied together with duck tape. The body was wearing only underpants and a pair of jeans that was down to the feet.
The victim had a distinctive tattoo of the Buddha image on his right pectoral region, a heart with the name "Leslie" on the left pectoral and a cross on the right side. He also had a tattoo of two hands holding a rosary with the name "Yolanda" in the right arm.

“This murder has the signature of the Barrio Azteca and Juarez cartel” said J.J, a confidential informant and former Azteca gang member. “When the cartel wants someone in El Paso, the Barrio Azteca is sent to pick them up.”

It was later confirmed by police that the killers were Barrio Azteca gang members hired by Mexican drug lords to kill Saucedo who owed the cartel money for drugs.

The three kidnappers were described by the Sheriff's Office as being thin and standing 5'2 to 5'8. The kidnappers were wearing blue jeans, black shirts, black hats and baseball style tennis shorts.
According to sheriff's reports, Saucedo had arrest warrants for two criminal charges against him: one for possession of marijuana and one for money laundering.



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