Border Brothers


The Border Brothers prison gang was founded in 1989 in Tijuana, Mexico by habitual criminal Sergio Gonzalez-Martinez. The gang spread across the border into San Diego and then into the California prison system in 1990 where they began recruiting other incarcerated Mexican nationals. By 1994 the Border Brothers were numbered in the hundreds with chapters reaching all over the state.


Paroled Border Brother gang members began jockeying for power in the streets of San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno and Oakland. By doing so the gang made made bitter enemies with a deadly Salvadorian gang called the Mara Salvatrucha and other California gangs. The gangs enemies didn’t end there and in 1998 the Border Brothers became locked in a bloody prison gang war with the Barrio Azteca gang inside federal prisons.




Symbols: BB, XXII, Aztec sun with flames and the head of an Aztec Jaguar Knight in center with the letters BB above

Ranking structure: Paramilitary

Territory: California, Arizona, Nevada, Denver and Tijuana Mexico

Alliances: 81st Street gang, PRM (Partido Revolucionario Mexicano)

Members: 10,000

Racial make up: Hispanic

Threat: Moderate




Soon after the Border Brothers declared itself a prison gang in 1994, established prison gangs such as the Nuestra Familia, Barrio Azteca and Black Guerrilla Family refused to recognize the new gangs sovereignty and declared war on the gang. This war did little to dismantle the up and coming Border Brothers since the gang had already grown in the thousands. In 1998, the Border Brothers became even more powerful when it formed an alliance with the PRM (Partido Revolucionario Mexicano), a large prison gang that originated in Texas.



The Border Brothers are comprised of two distinct branches, the prison gang and the street gang. The Border Brothers prison gang operates under a paramilitary structure of president, vice president, generals, lieutenants, sergeants and soldiers, while the Border Brother street gang is loosely organized.





In 1989, the Border Brothers is founded in the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. (Gang Intelligence 101)


In 1990, the Border Brothers spreads into southern and northern California. (Gang Intelligence 101)


In 1993, “The Cat” Carlos quits the Border Brothers gangs and joins the Guardian Angels to help stop gang violence was once a member of the Mexican gang Border Brothers. (Associated Press)


In 1994, the Border Brothers establishes itself in the California and Arizona prison system. (Gang Intelligence 101)



March 1996, Border Patrol agents nab Border Brother gang member Eulogio Soriano-Vasquez, 30, after he attempts to smuggle narcotics across the Mexico / Arizona border. (Associated Press)


In 1998, members of the PRM (Partido Revolucionario Mexicano) assist the Tijuana, Mexico based Border Brother’s gang in a riot against the Barrio Azteca gang inside a federal penitentiary. Tension erupts and both gangs fail to settle the dispute. (Gang Intelligence 101)



In early 2005, Barrio Azteca members brutally murder a member of the rival Border Brothers gang inside a Mexican prison in Juarez Mexico. (Associated Press)


In 2007, members of the Border Brothers murder Sur-13 member Ulises Pineda in Oakland, California. 90 minutes later the Sureno gang retaliates by murdering Border Brother member 32-year-old Nester Molina. (Associated Press



On April 3, 2007, members of the Border Brothers shoot and murder two Norteno gang members in Oakland, California. (Associated Press)



On May 9, 2007, four Border Brothers gang are charged in the murder of a 23-year-old pregnant woman who was walking near members of an enemy gang the suspects were trying to shoot. (Associated Press)



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