The Bloods gang was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1972 when the Piru Street Boys, the Bishops, Athens Park Boys, and Denver Lanes gang decided to unite in an attempt to protect themselves from the larger Crips gang. Unorganized Blood sets sprouted out all over the U.S. in the late 1980’s causing one of the nations worst gang disasters. The Bloods became a full scale prison gang in 1993 when members of different Bloods branches decided to unite under the name “United Blood Nation”. The UBN mirrored the organization composition of the more structured Black Guerrilla Family.

Symbols: B, color red, Blood up, Piru, hand gesture in letter “b”, Bloodz
Ranking structure: Paramilitary
Territory: U.S. Nation wide
Alliances: Mandingo Warriors, Black Guerrilla Family, Northern Structure
Members: 30,000
Racial make up: Black, Hispanic, White, Asian and others
Threat: High

As Blood members grew older and more ruthless in prison, so the severity of their crimes. Paroled Blood members used its younger street affiliates to deal narcotics and carry out most of the gang’s murders. As a result, the Bloods were classified by the FBI as one of the nation’s most hazardous gangs.

The gang feud between the Crips and Bloods has cost countless lives and never in U.S. history has a gang war been bloodier than the senseless slaughter between the Crips and the Bloods. Listing the individual murders of these gangs is near impossible.

When the gangster movie “Colors” came out in 1988, thousands youths from major cities and small towns across America began playing the deadly blues and reds game. The Crips elected the color blue to represent their gang while the Bloods chose red.

In 1972, the Blood is formed in Los Angeles, California after the Piru Street Boys, the Bishops, Athens Park Boys, and Denver Lanes decided to unite in an attempt to protect themselves from the larger Crips gang. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In March 1982, Blood members brutally murder rival Crip members Donald Billingsley and of Jerome Dunn in South Central Los Angeles. (People v. Williams, 66 Cal.Rptr.2d 123, 16 Cal.4th 153)

On November 22, 1986, Crip members shoot and kill rivals Blood member James Hampton in front of the A/C Pizza and Deli in Sacramento, California. (Rios v. Rocha, 299 F.3d 796 (Fed. 9th Cir. 2002)

On August 24, 1995, Blood members shoot and kill Eric Davis in Minneapolis. (State v. Shannon, 583 N.W.2d 579 (Minn., 1998)

In May 2000, Bronx Blood gang members murder Frederick Fowler, 32, over a drug deal gone bad. (Associated Press)

On July 3, 2001, Blood members shoot and kill Shereece Rankin in Los Angeles, California. (People v. Hamilton, B197403 (Cal. App. 1/23/2008)

October 17, 2002, Blood members randomly shoot and kill Mark Hall as he walked down a Los Angeles street. (People v. Baylor, 29 Cal.Rptr.3d 864, 130 Cal.App.4th 355 (Cal. App., 2005)

On November 14, 2002, Blood member Carlos Garza shoots and kills rival Crips members Ron Villarreal and Rick Sanchez in San Antonio, Texas. (Garza v. State, No. 04-04-00338-CR (TX 8/24/2005)

On December 6, 2002, Bloods member shoot and kill Carl Smalls at a Columbia, South Carolina nigh club. (State v. Price, 629 S.E.2d 363 (S.C., 2006)

 On May 16, 2003, Blood members brutally murder Thomas Olson at a party in Minneapolis. (State v. Jackson, 714 N.W.2d 681 (Minn., 2006)

On September 4, 2004, Blood members murder Jemauz Jones after they believe he is a police informant. (People v. Bell, C051200 (Cal. App. 8/20/2007)

On December 1, 2004, Blood members rob and kill Larry Wesley Jr. in Los Angeles. (In re D.B., B197124 (Cal. App. 11/17/2008)

In 2005, Junior Boys gang members murder rival Blood member James Cooper by shooting him in the head in front of a Kansas City night club. (State v. Brown, 173 P.3d 612 (Kan., 2007)

In 2005, Bloods members shoot and kill rival Family Mob member Tyesha Edwards in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (State v. Burrell, No. A06-149 (Minn. App. 10/3/2006) (Minn. App., 2006)

On June 28, 2005, members of the KEP gang use an M-16 and AK-47 to spray bullets into the home of a Bloods member in Wichita Falls, Texas. Da’Milla Walker is killed in the deadly attack. (Mitchell v. State, No. 2-07-196-CR (Tex. App. 10/23/2008)

On July 2, 2005, Bloods members shoot and kill Ronald Belvin in Los Angeles after confusing him as a rival Crip. (People v. McGee, B194529 (Cal. App. 1/30/2008)

On July 30, 2005, Varrio Tortilla Flats members murder Blood rival Tazmania Bernard. (People v. Jefferson, B192952 (Cal. App. 1/7/2008)

On July 31, 2005, Blood members murder Anthony Stanifort after confusing him as a Varrio Tortilla Flats member. (People v. Jefferson, B192952 (Cal. App. 1/7/2008)

 On October 15, 2005, Blood members shoot officer Dwight Ayers in Los Angeles, California. Ayers survives the attack. (People v. Malo, D051302 (Cal. App. 12/2/2008) (Cal. App., 2008)

On April 2006, California Bloods leader Shaidon “Don Papa” Blake, brutally murders Terrance Randolph. The victim was stabbed and then burned. (Associated Press)

On June 30, 2006, Blood members beat, stab and murder Troy Fennel in the Maryland Department of Corrections. (Deleon v. State, No. 17, September Term, 2008 (Md. App. 12/23/2008)

In 2007, unknown heavily armed men murder Blood members “Fredo” Harris and James Singleton in Newark and Jersey City. (Associated Press)

In 2008, the FBI officials arrest 15 Blood members in Charlotte, North Carolina for operating a lucrative heroine and crack cocaine enterprise. (Associated Press)

In 2008, Eight Blood members are arrested for the kidnapping, rape and brutal assault of a woman in Washington. (Associated Press)

March 7, 2008, 40 Blood members and associates are rounded up and arrested for narcotics trafficking. Officials seize 2 high end cars as well as $28,000 in cash. (Associated Press)

On November 8, 2008, Bloods member Andrew Coates, 24, shoots and kills two women in Trenton, New Jersey as they sat in their front porch. (Associated Press)

On December 18, 2008, Bloods members savagely murder John Hopkins-Drago and Christopher Umpierre. The victims are stabbed and dismembered. (Associated Press)

In February 2009, FBI and ATF agents arrest Bloods members Andrew Montalvo, 23, David “Blink” Martin Santiago, 28, Darko Kojic, 20; and Alberto “Red” Camacho, 22; on charges of high intensity drug trafficking. (Associated Press)


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