Barrio Azteca Members Murdered


September 03, 2009 (Press Release)
Armed commandos entered the Colonia Bellavista rehabilitation center in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, dragged out their victims, lined them up and executed them with assault rifles, police reported. The drug rehabilitation center is located two blocks from the Transit Department in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The incident took place shortly after 7 pm.

Most of the victims were patients who were hospitalized for heroin addiction. According to witnesses, several masked men pointing AR-15 and AK-45 assault rifles entered the building after breaking down the doors of the center. The killers then ordered each victim to their knees and shot them dead with machine-gun bursts to the head, said a senior official of the Mexican Municipal Public Security Ministry. The victims were all reported to be known Barrio Azteca gang members officials said.

Five people survived the attack, one of which was lying on the sidewalk outside the rehabilitation center where she received help. The three survivors were transported under heavy guard by military and federal police to the General Hospital where one died.

Witnesses indicated that they heard at least 100 shots and a neighbor said that he ran home out of fear and failed to identify the offenders who manned vehicles.

After the attack, at least a hundred military, municipal police, federal agents, including the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) attended the scene, cordoned off the area and minutes later they mounted a fenced area with no results Downtown.

Earlier this year, on May 31,2009 five men were killed in the rehabilitation center.