Aryan Warriors


The Aryan Warriors was founded by Michael Wayne Yost, Charles Axtell, Ronnie Jones, and Charles Gensemer in the Nevada State Prison in 1988. The ruthless gang only recruits white offenders and claims to promote unity and racial purity. The Aryan Warriors commit serious crimes in and out of prison and are involved in drug trafficking, racketeering, illegal gambling, murder and extortion. Aryan Warriors, a blood in blood out gang, operates under a paramilitary hierarchy of “Supreme Horn Holder”, “Counsel of Horn Holders”, lieutenants, commanders, sergeant at arms, soldiers and prospects.

Symbols: 14/88, 1/23, demons, Nazi symbols
Ranking structure: Paramilitary
Territory: Nevada, Las Vegas, Reno
Alliances: None
Members: 7,000
Racial make up: White
Threat: High

As soon as members of the Aryan Warriors are released from prison, they are required to report to gang leaders in the streets of Las Vegas and Reno. There, members are issued a territory and are ordered to deal narcotics at those locations. Five percent of their drug earnings are sent to incarcerated leaders and their spouses.


In 1988, the Aryan Warriors is founded in the Nevada State Prison. (Gang Intelligence 101)

On December 1988, Aryan Warriors member Eugene Davis murders an inmate at the Ely State Prison. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In April 1992, two Aryan Warriors stab Michael D. Jacobs 16 times at the Ely State Prison after Jacobs’s attempts to seek vengeance on the gang for killing his brother in 1988. (Jacobs v. Angelone, 107 F.3d 877 (C.A.9 (Nev.), 1996)

In March 1993, Aryan Warriors shoot a man in the back of the head and then dispose the victim’s body in a remote forested area of the Cascade Range. (State v. Tiner, 135 P.3d 305, 340 Or. 551 (Or., 2006)
On Nov. 8, 1996 Michael D. Jacobs sues officials of the Nevada prison system. (Jacobs v. Angelone, 107 F.3d 877 (C.A.9 (Nev.), 1996)

In August 2001, Aryan Warrior members murder fellow inmate Jacob Armstrong. (Associated Press)

In August 2001, Aryan Warrior members stab a fellow prison inmate to death. (Associated Press)

In January 2004, FBI officials open up an investigation targeting the Aryan Warriors after law enforcement officials receive a complaint that gang members threatened to kill the family of a ex gang leader. (Associated Press)

On October 16, 2004, Aryan Warrior members viciously slash inmate Mark Fechtman in the face, neck and back at the High Desert State prison. (Associated Press)

January 2005 assault on inmate Cody Dunn, who ran gambling operations for the Aryan Warriors at Ely State Prison and High Desert State Prison and was believed to be an informant. Five Aryan Warrior prospects stabbed Dunn 16 times. (Associated Press)

On July 12, 2007, fourteen Aryan Warriors members are indicted on charges of racketeering, murder, manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine. The defendants are James Milton Wallis, 46; Scott Michael Sieber, 39; Robert Allen Young, 29; Guy Edward Almony, 35; Charles Lee Axtell, 47, Jason Inman, 32, Kory Allen Crossman, Ronnie Lee Jones, 47; Tony Howard Morgan, 38; Kenneth Russell Krum, 37; Charles Edward Gensemer, 43; and Michael Wayne Yost, 53. (Associated Press)

On Nov. 20, 2007, Aryan Warriors gang members Ronald “Joey” Sellers and James Wallis stab ex-Aryan Warriors gang member Guy Almony in the neck and other parts of his body with a shank at the North Las Vegas Detention Center. The attack is initiated after the gang suspects that the victim is cooperating with police. (Associated Press)

In 2008, Ely State Prison officials intercept a “kite” and learn that O.J. Simpson is on the Aryan Warriors #1 hit list. Guards quickly put Simpson in protected custody. (Associated Press)

On Jan 11, 2012 43 year old Ronald “Joey” Sellers, a gang leader of the Aryan Warriors prison gang is sentenced to 20 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to racketeering and other crimes. Sellers is already serving a life sentence in Nevada for the 1990 murder of a 7-11 store clerk in Reno. (Associated Press)


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