Aryan Circle


The Aryan Circle is a violent white supremacy prison gang that operates under a paramilitary structure of presidents, commanders, generals and soldiers. The ruthless criminal organization is involved in manufacturing of methamphetamines, murder, robbery and extortion, and has over 7,000 members nation wide. Members of the gang include both men and women of the white race. VIEW PHOTOS



Symbols: Neo-Nazi symbols, Circle shielded by a diamond and diamonds shielded by a swastika, 13, AC, Ace Tray, Silence is Golden

Ranking structure: Paramilitary

Territory: Dallas, Houston and small towns across Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Alliances: none

Members: 10,000

Racial make up: White

Threat: High



The Aryan Circle was founded in 1985 by white supremacist Mark Gaspardin of Oklahoma. Gaspardin’s intention of forming the organization was to encourage white men and women to remain faithful to their Aryan race and to reject all ethnic people from within their white family circle. Gaspardin succeeded in gaining mass amounts of followers by raising awareness about the extinction of the Aryan race in his bi monthly magazine called The Circular. Supporters were expected to follow the racist philosophy of Adolf Hitler and treat all members as family.

The constitution of the Aryan Circle lists the organizations 8 main beliefs.



The racist’s philosophy of Mark Gaspardin’s found its way into prisons across the south and inspired many Texas Aryan Brotherhood members to splinter off and form the Aryan Circle inside Texas prisons. The Aryan Circle began recruiting white convicts who knew little about their cultural values and this caused the group to transform into a criminal enterprise. In 1998, the Aryan Circle’s founder Mark Gaspardin condemned the Texas prison chapter for shedding the blood of Ryan Osgood, a member of the White Knights prison gang on October 6, 1997 in the Terrell unit.



The Aryan Circle operates beyond prison and run underground methamphetamine labs in small towns across Texas and the southern United States. 29 Aryan Circle members were recently charged for operating a meth lab in Midland, Texas. The gang was selling mass quantities of methamphetamine to members of the Aryan Brotherhood ABT, Mexikanemi (Texas Mexican Mafia) and Barrio Azteca. The gang was recently the target of the FBI after officials suspected the organization was involved in a string of murders related to narcotics. (Associated Press)



  1. Believe in the betterment and preservation of the white race.

2 Believe in separatism

  1. Believe that no foreigner should rule over the white race.
  2. Believe that all who are against or oppress the white race are sworn enemies.

5 Believe in the rights of the White race.

  1. Believe in the right to teach white children of the Aryan cultures and heritage.
  2. Believe only in the support of the white race.
  3. Believe that it is important to guide the upbringing of white children, as they are the heirs to the future.



We do not unite in an effort to be better than our men; but to better ourselves in our capacity.

We do not unite in an attempt to be stronger physically than our men; but to become stronger ourselves, mentally for what lies ahead. This is not a revolt against out place as wives and mothers, but joyful in our God given ability.

We unite to express our views as White women in the struggle to preserve our race, cultures and heritage! As women of the Aryan Circle we strive for a future that will allow our children to grow, free from oppression. To stand behind our men for the support they need against our foes. We will stand beside them when they are backed to the door-yard in battle. And we will fight for them should they become incapacitated by force. We do not unite to compete, but to support. Our bond allows us to become wiser, braver and to appreciate the Honor of true sisters!




In 1985, the Aryan Circle is founded by white supremacist Mark Gaspardin of Oklahoma. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1995, two members of the Aryan Circle are stabbed by the Mexikanemi in a prison yard fight at the J.B. Connally unit in Kenedy, Texas.

In December of 1996, The Aryan Circle and Mexikanemi agree on a peace treaty over a war that resulted in 13 murders in units across Texas.

On October 6, 1997, Aryan Circle members murder Ryan Osgood, a member of the White Knights prison gang in the Terrell unit. Osgood is brutally beaten and stabbed 7 times. (Campbell v. State, 18 S.W.3d 914 (Tex.App.-Beaumont, 2000)


In March 1998, the Aryan Circle and Mexikanemi declare war on each other after a gang fight between the two gangs erupts in the recreation yard of the J.B. Connally state prison. (Gang Intelligence 101)


In 1998, the Aryan Circle’s founder Mark Gaspardin condemned the Texas prison chapter for shedding the blood of Ryan Osgood, a member of the White Knights prison gang. (Gang Intelligence 101)


In 1999, the Aryan Circle declares war on the Crips prison gang. Dozens of Crip members are stabbed at the J.B. Connally state prison. (Gang Intelligence 101)In October 1999, The Aryan Circle and Crips settle on a truce. (TDCJ Gang Intelligence Archives)


On Christmas Day 2000, Aryan Circle members murder an Aryan Brotherhood member at the J.B. Connally state prison. (Gang Intelligence 101)

On January 2001, the Aryan Circle and Aryan brotherhood declare a statewide war. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 2002, the Aryan Circle and Aryan Brotherhood settle a truce. (Gang Intelligence 101)


On August 13, 2001, the body of William Norris was discovered with a bullet hole in his head. Joshua Barlow of the Aryan Circle was arrested and convicted for the murder. It was revealed that Barlow suspected Norris as being an informant. (Barlow v. State, No. 06-04-00138-CR (TX 8/31/2005) (TX, 2005)


On March 25, 2004 federal police arrest Aryan Circle gang members and associates Charles Samson, Michael Lewis, Victor Tucker, Christopher Barandey, Johnny Hines Jr., Malachi Wren and Susan Creel for distributing over 33 pounds of methamphetamine in Midland and Odessa, Texas.(Associated Press) AVALANCHE-JOURNAL


In 2006, Aryan Circle member, Dennis Leighton Clem shoots and kills Louisiana Detective Sergeants John Smith, 40, and Charles “Chuck” Wilson, 34 in a motel. The two detectives had been executing a warrant for the offenders arrest when Clem used two pistols to ambush the detectives. (Associated Press)


On January 11, 2007, Aryan Circle member John Michael Hays  is arrested for the murder of a fellow AC member in Howard County, Texas. (Hays v. State, No. 11-07-00328-CR (Tex. App. 9/18/2008) (Tex. App., 2008)


On July 14, 2007 Aryan Circle gangmember Dennis Clem shoots and kills two black teenagers with an AK-47 in Houston, Texas after a gun fight with the armed teens.(STATE v. SMITH STATE of Louisiana, Appellee v. Tonya SMITH a/k/a “Little Feather”, Appellant. No. 44,998-KA.) VIEW PHOTOS


On August 10, 2007 Aryan Circle gang member Dennis “Big Boy” Clem and his girlfriend Tonya SMITH a/k/a “Little Feather” gun down and kill detectives John Smith and Chuck Wilson in a motel in Bastrop, Louisiana. Dennis Clem is then shot and killed by police. (STATE v. SMITH STATE of Louisiana, Appellee v. Tonya SMITH a/k/a “Little Feather”, Appellant. No. 44,998-KA.) VIEW PHOTOS


On October 15, 2008, Aryan Circle members brutally murder a woman who was set to testify against the gang’s leader Robert Allen Byrd. (Associated Press)




On August 4, 2011, Aryan Circle member Paul Kalka, 35, is sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for operating a major marijuana smuggling ring in several stash houses in Del Rio, Texas. (U.S. Department of Justice Western District of Texas)




On December 23, 2012 Justen Grant Hall, 31, of the Aryan Circle is sentenced to death for the brutal October 2002 murder of Melanie Billhartz. Hall is ordered to murder Billhartz and chop off her fingers because the Aryan Circle feared that she would report to police the gangs methamphetamines drug operation. The victim is found dead in the southern New Mexico desert. Associated Press (El Paso Times)








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