Aryan Brotherhood of Texas




11/09/12 – Dozens of members and associates of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas were rounded up by state and federal agents on charges of drug distribution, capital murder, multiple attempted murders, kidnapping, arson, gambling and extortion. Prosecutors used the RICO act to deliver a serious blow against the Aryan Brotherhood and cease some of its illegal operations throughout the state.
The prison gang used crews of ex-con enforcers to intimidate and cause terror to anyone who defied the gangs rules or who did not follow orders. The Aryan Brotherhood also produced and distributed methamphetamines and sold heroin and other drugs. Arrests were made in Dallas, Lubbock, San Antonio, Houston, Beaumont, Brownsville, Corpus Christi and even North Carolina.

According to the indictment, high ranking Aryan Brotherhood generals ordered the brutal aggravated assault of one of the gangs prospect. ABT offenders invaded the suspects home in Houston, beat him and then cut off his middle finger. ABT leaders ordered that the victims finger be delivered to them. The assault came as a result of the prospect stealing drugs.
The high ranking ABT gang generals are identified as Terry Ross Blake, 55; Charles Lee Roberts, 68; Larry Max Bryan, 51; and William David Maynard, 42.

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is an all-white prison gang that chaptered into Texas from California in the 1970’s. SEE GANG PROFILE

Source (Associated Press)



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