25 MEXICAN MAFIA Members and Associates DETAINED!

25 MEXICAN MAFIA Members and Associates DETAINED!

A Houston Texas area officer is behind bars as a result of a 4 year police investigation targeting the Mexikanemi, aka Texas Mexican Mafia.
Michael Mares, 50, a Onalaska Police officer was arrested for providing fire arms and hand restraints to members of the deadly prison gang. La Eme, as its formally known operates in and out of prison and controls some of the drug trade in south and central Texas. The gang is head quartered in San Antonio, Texas and has chapters in Houston, Austin, and other towns and cities across the Rio Grande Valley and Mexico.

With members and associates on both side of the Texas and Mexican border, the Mexican Mafia regulates the sales of narcotics in San Antonio, Texas and has small 'drug depots' scattered all over Houston and its surrounding area. The prison gang uses money to corrupt officers like Mares or anyone of influence who may benefit the organization.

Mares was the first to be detained by federal and state police in a round-up of 25 members and associates of the Mexican Mafia. Michael Mares began his career in law enforcement in Spring, Tx where he served as a school district officer and also a constable. In 2006 Mares was presented with a Bravo award and recognized for his investigation of a burglary committed.

Michael Mares accepted cash from the Mexican Mafia in exchange of hand guns, assault rifles, hand restraints and even internal police information. The gang used the information Mares provided them with to avoid being detected while conducting drug transactions and committing other crimes in the area.
Arrests were made in Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and cities and towns along south Texas-Mexico border.

Arrested were Mexican Mafia members and associates Valentin Ayala-Guiterrez, 51, George Maldonado, 45, Ernesto Villarreal, 35, Eric Gomez, 36, Juan Deluna, 40, Alexander Garcia, 39, Robert Arechiga, 34, Johnny Reyes, 51, Adam Guzman, 43, Juan Sarmientos, 45, Tony Valdez, 37, Jorge Montemayor, 36, Michael Villarreal, 32, Ricardo Sanchez, 33, Ruben Esparza, 34, Jose Cerda, 26, Michael A. Villarreal, 22, Francisco Galvan, 46, Armando Villarreal III, 23, Rene Gonzalez, 44, and Alvin Valadaz, 42.

Three others remain fugitives. Carlos Romero, 30, Gilbert Gonzalez, 41, and Enrique Bravo, 38 have not yet been found.