211 Crew Gang

211 CREW

211 Crew was founded in 1995 by Benjamin Davis at Colorado’s Denver County Jail. 211 Crew operates under a loose or semi-organized structure, common of newer prison gangs with younger members. The prison gang focuses on generating illegal funds and committing crimes such as robbery, theft and drug dealing. The 211 Crew gang has grown rapidly and spread through out Colorado’s streets, county jails and state prisons.

Symbols: 211, Byzantine and Nazi symbols, White Power.
Ranking structure: Paramilitary
Territory: Colorado
Alliances: None
Members: 1,000
Racial make up: White
Threat: Moderate

Just like of most prison gangs, the 211 Crew prey on weaker prison inmates of all races including their own. The gang requires that all prospects rob and extort other inmates before becoming a member. The gang also operates in cities and towns throughout Colorado and is involved in drug and weapons trafficking. The money made through these serious crimes is then funneled back to incarcerated leaders.

The 211 Crew operates under a loose or semi organized structure of presidents, vice Presidents, Majors, Captains and lieutenants. The prison gang use Byzantine codes when relaying secretive messages to each other. Each member is required to learn the codes.


In 1995, The 211 Crew prison gang is founded by habitual criminal Benjamin Davis at Colorado’s Denver County Jail. (Gang Intelligence 101)

On November 1997, several 211 Crew members Nathan Thill and Jeremiah “Hooligan” Barnum murder African immigrant Oumar Dia, 38, at a downtown Denver bus stop. The offenders also shoot and paralyze Jennie VanVelkinburgh who tried to help Dia. (Associated Press)

On December 12, 2001, several 211 Crew members brutally murder inmate Donald Mayfield at the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility. (The Denver Post)

On Jan. 13, 2004, 211 Crew prison gang member Joel Rader, 34, and Eric Barnard, 27, stab an beat a black inmate at the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility. The offenders stab the victim several times with a shank and then beat him over the head with a padlock. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In December 2004, seventeen 211 Crew members are indicted on racketeering, bribery, tampering, and manufacturing and distributing drugs. (Associated Press)

On December 11, 2007, 211 Crew prison gang leader Benjamin Davis, 32, is convicted was sentenced to 108 years in prison under Colorado’s Organized Crime Control Act. (Associated Press)

On January 2010, Scott Howard, a prison rape victim and former Colorado prisoner is awarded $165,000 in a lawsuit against the Department of Justice. Howard was extorted and repeatedly raped by several 211 Crew gang members while Correctional Officers did nothing to help the victim. (Associated Press)

On February 23, 2012, 211 Crew prison gangmember Jeremiah “Hooligan” Barnum, 38, is shot and killed Englewood Police after Barnum attacks and officer and tries to reach for the officers gun. Barnum spent 12 years in prison for his role in the murder of an African Immigrant in 1997.(Associated Press)